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Giant Road Bikes

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Most Popular Giant (Brand) Road Bikes

Most Popular Giant (Brand) Road Bikes For the past years, bicycles have developed. Through its early beginnings as a way of transport, it’s now commonly used not only by simply getting from a point to another, but additionally as a hobby and as a sport. With the transition of the bicycles through the generations along with the growth of their avid users and fans alike, it’s no surprise then that a bicycle company could be capable to capture its evolution. Giant road bikes represents this evolution.

Giant road bikes started in Tachia Taichung since 1973 and have been in the bike industry for more than 3 decades. It began as a production company of bicycles intended to be sold under various brand names like Nishiki and Scwinn as a private label. In 1986 Yohimbine HCL, the new president suggested that they establish their own brand of bicycles to ensure that the organization will be competitive in the price range of $200 and above.

Giant road bikes grew as a full grown bike company (http://signalcycle.com/giant/), with its constant presence around the world. It’s generally accessible around 50 nations, sold in over 10,000 retail outlets, and used by many of the world’s most renowned pro cyclists. Its devotion to the development of the cycling lifestyle allowed bicycles to be a part of the customers’ lives in practically all areas of the world.

Here are the most popular Giant (Brand) road bikes;

  • Propel Advanced SL
  • Envie Advanced
  • TCR Advanced SL
  • Trinity Composite W
  • Avail Advanced SL
  • TCR Composite
  • Defy
  • Avail Composite
  • Omnium

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